Terracing the backyard

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  1. The Lumber
  2. Getting Started
  3. The First Foundation
  4. Third Level Almost Done
  5. Deeper Than Expected
  6. West Side View of the First Three Terraces
  7. East Side View of the First Three Terraces
  8. East Side Fourth Terrace in Progress
  9. Using Iris as a Scale for the Size of the Terraces
  10. Starting on the last Terrace on a VERY hot day!
  11. The Last Terrace Is Finished
  12. Another View of the Terraces
  13. Adding Stairs on the West side of the Terraces
  14. A View of the Terraces from the Bottom of the Hill
  15. First Terrace is Planted
  16. Starting to Plant the Top Terrace
  17. Site to Add a Cold Frame
  18. Cold Frame Base Completed
  19. Fence Completed on the East Side


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